Intergard 475HS has been formulated to accommodate the trend towards environmentally responsible coatings whilst not compromising the overall cost of the coating system. The high solids formulation allows the application of Intergard 475HS at 200 microns (8 mils) as an intermediate coat, thus eliminating a full coat of paint from those conventional specifications which call for 2 coats of epoxy intermediate.

This combination of economics and environmental responsibility makes Intergard 475HS the ideal product for use in fabrication shops.

Not only does Intergard 475HS come in a range of colours, that improve top coat coverage reducing the requirements of expensive top coats, but the indefinite overcoating interval allows the project engineer the maximum flexibility when scheduling on-site painting activities.

Intergard 475HS is typically applied over epoxy, zinc epoxy or inorganic zinc primers as part of a multi-coat system for steel surfaces such as:

• Offshore platforms • Cranes • Structural Steel • Bridges • Mining Conveyors

Intergard 475HS

Intercure 420



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